Your information statement allows us to collect your insurance history. All your past history as well as your bonus-malus coefficient are indicated on it.

Please note that this document must be less than one month old for us to validate it.

To obtain it, simply make a request by telephone or by post to your former insurer (received within 15 days).

Your statement of information includes the following information:

  • Your date of subscription to your last insurance contract;
  • The drivers named in this contract (surname, first name, number and date of driving licence, etc.);
  • Information about your vehicle (registration number, model, fuel, use, date of registration, etc.);
  • The history of accidents that have occurred;
  • Your level of responsibility in each accident;
  • Your bonus-malus coefficient.


If you have previously been insured with a fleet vehicle, you must provide us with a certificate from your employer attesting to your insurance history.