The law relating to consumption, called the Hamon Law, allows you to cancel your car insurance contract without any cost or reason. Lovys takes care of the procedures if the request is made during the subscription process.


Conditions of eligibility:

- To be a natural person (and not a legal entity)

- Willingness to cancel an insurance contract for a reason other than the change of professional situation

- Contract taken out with your current insurer 12 months ago or more



- During the online process, answer "yes" to the question asking if you are already insured for the vehicle

- Fill in the information about your previous insurer (after payment)

- Send your supporting documents in your customer area or by email to within 30 days 

- Electronic signature of a cancellation mandate which attests that you authorize Lovys to cancel your previous contract once your supporting documents are validated. 

- Respect of the legal notice of 30 days and 3 for the postal notice



If the anniversary date of your contract is in the next month, you can benefit from the provisions of the Châtel law. Upon receipt of your expiry notice and from the date shown on the postmark, you have 20 days to cancel your old subscription.