With us, no need for a printer, scanner, or pen ?♀️ You can sign your contract very simply, online.

Let us guide you along the subscription path: you will arrive in a few clicks at the ultimate step, the summary of your quote. 

1️⃣ fill in your additional information 

2️⃣ Log in or create a Lovys account (if you don't know how to do it, it's here

3️⃣ Signature: you will be redirected to the electronic signature interface of your contract 

- You will first be asked to identify yourself using an authentication code sent by SMS. Click on send an SMS

Then, the possibility to fill in the code and click on confirm the code

You will then be sent back to the document to read: Click on I agree to use electronic signatures and records Mandatory then Continue

Scroll down to the bottom to proceed with the signature then click on sign: 

Choose your signature then click on finish at the top right :