To validate your Lovys car contract definitively (we promise, we will let you go if you wish because our contracts are non-binding!), You just need to send us some documents:

?Your double-sided driving license: your precious key to driving safely. To note that :

⭐You must have obtained your license more than 36 months ago

⭐ We accept permits from the European Union (new format, or pink permit for the older ones!) 

? The final gray card of the vehicle, the identity document of the car. Note that: ⭐ the gray card must be in your name or in the name of the secondary driver

⭐ if you have just bought a vehicle and need to make the change with the administration, you can send us the provisional registration certificate (available from the ANTS website) or the acknowledgment of your request change of holder (AE)

⭐ if you have a leased vehicle, the document must show the name of the financing organization, your name and your postal address

⭐ if it is a professional registration card, it is imperative to provide a KBIS indicating that you are the manager of the company (and that you are the driver designated in the contract)

? An information statement of less than two months: you can ask your insurer! To note that :

⭐when subscribing, you are asked if you have been insured for at least 24 months over the last three years. If your statement does not mention a period of coverage in this sense, you can provide us with one or more additional statements to complete your file.

You can send us the documents directly on your personal Lovys space or by email at Then, our great team analyzes, dissects, studies your file and gets back to you as soon as possible to ensure your racing car!