When you sign up for a Lovys health insurance plan, you are committed for one year.

You can cancel your Lovys health insurance on the anniversary of your contract with two months' notice.

Please note that you can cancel your health insurance at any time, if your situation changes and allows you to benefit from early cancellation.

For example, if you find a job with a "group" health insurance plan, if you move abroad, if you get married/divorced or if you have children... You can then cancel your health insurance plan. This change in personal or professional situation must necessarily modify the level of risks covered by the health mutual.

To cancel your mutuelle santé, you'll need to enclose a document attesting to the change in your situation. Once your situation has changed, you have three months to submit your cancellation request via your customer area or by e-mail to sante@lovys.com. 

Although we prefer online procedures, you can also send us your request to cancel your mutual insurance by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to Lovys, 5 Rue Pleyel, 93200 Saint Denis.

Please note:

From the date you take out your new Lovys mutuelle, you have a 14-day cooling-off period. During this period, you can cancel your contract directly from your customer area.