Do you want to insure your company car with Lovys? It's very simple ! To do this, you must be the legal representative of the company‼ But be careful, you only benefit from temporary cover for 15 days.


Here are the necessary documents to definitively validate your insurance 


1. The Kbis of your company


This must contain your name (in the blue box) and the name of the company indicated on the gray card.



2. Your final Gray Card (or registration certificate)

  • The Gray Card (or registration certificate) must be in the name of your company. This is the document showing the model and make of your vehicle, its date of entry into service, its fiscal power… It is the identity card of your vehicle! NB: Please note that the crossed out registration card is not enough to validate your subscription. For more details, please see

    the dedicated page




You do not yet have your new registration card?


No worries, you can refer to the following FAQ for more information:


I would like to insure my new used vehicle

I want to insure my new vehicle


3. Your information statement (s)

  • You must send us all of your information statements that will justify your last 24 months of coverage (the last IR being less than 2 months). Your information statement allows us to collect your insurance history. All your background as well as your bonus-penalty coefficient are entered there.How to obtain his information statement?



4. Your driver's license

  • To create your insurance policy, we need the date the permit was obtained (framed in blue in the image below). Please note, not to be confused with the date of issue of the permit!




‼ Please note: obtaining certain documents may take a little time, so you have to anticipate the steps before your deadline. temporary cover Lovys (15 days).