We're almost there, the last step in securing your racing car! ?



When subscribing, you pay your first contribution by credit card in order to validate your contract. The bank card is the only means of payment accepted at this stage.

Once your bank details have been entered in our secure subscription process, there are two scenarios: ? Either you have subscribed without requesting the termination of an auto insurance contract, the amount of your first contribution will therefore be deducted. You are immediately guaranteed!

? Either you have subscribed by requesting the termination of an auto insurance contract (thanks to the provisions of the Hamon Law, smart!), A pre-authorization of the amount of your first contribution will be made on your card, but the amount will be deducted after signature of the termination mandate. 


You can then change the means of payment, after subscription, for an RIB if you wish, directly from your profile in your Lovys customer area. 

How to pay on subscription

1️⃣ You complete the subscription questionnaire up to step 4 - quote

2️⃣ You check that all your needs are covered

3️⃣ You follow the validation steps: Log in or create an account

4️⃣ You sign the contract online: to do this, you need a security code that will be sent to you by telephone. You can fill it in, then sign the contract.

5️⃣ You click on the “continue” button in order to be able to enter your bank details as below

First you will have to enter the 16 digits of your card, the box is automatically adjusted to allow you to enter the expiration date of the card, then do the same for the security cryptogram.

After clicking on “pay XX.XX € / month”, the page will refresh and display the following message:

You have validated your subscription by the validation payment and you are part of the Lovys family ?