Have you lost your bank card and blocked it or have you changed your bank account? We show you step by step how to add or modify a payment method!



As a reminder, when subscribing, we ask you to pay your first contribution by credit card. Once inserted, the amount of your first contribution will be deducted from you.


You can then change the payment method to an RIB if you wish, directly from your profile in your Lovys customer area. 


1️⃣ You connect to your customer area

2️⃣ You go to the “My profile” section

3️⃣ You then select "Payment methods" to be able to update your payment method:



If you have already entered a payment method, it is displayed on this same page and you can, as you wish, set one or the other of your payment methods by default. 

We told you, simple, right? ?