Promise, at Lovys, the pricing of a contract is very simple! 

You always benefit from a sufficient number of basic guarantees to cover all kinds of situations. Nevertheless, we give you the possibility to personalize your contract with various options.

Each option, depending on the characteristics of your accommodation, will have more or less impact on the overall price of your offer. Some options, such as “school insurance”, are billed per added child, others such as the “electrical damage” option, for example, will depend on the amount of your movable capital. Why ? Because the more you have a large amount of movable capital, the more a large number of devices could be affected by a surge.

Also, depending on various criteria and parameters, you may notice a price difference between our site and those of offer comparators. Indeed, to offer you the best offers, we work with multiple partners and some allow you to benefit from preferential rates.

To get a Lovys insurance quote, simply go to the following link: on "Get a free quote". You will get an offer tailored to your needs in a few moments.

We invite you to check before signing that all of your needs are covered: that the members of your household are properly registered and that options such as insurance school were well chosen.