When subscribing: 

In the subscription process, the Valuable Objects option is available in step 2, on the personalization page of the quote.


All you have to do is go down the page: you will find the Valuables section, with the different possible categories: Add the amount in the correct category, validate and you're done, your price is automatically recalculated.

All you have to do is continue the subscription of your contract.

You must subscribe to the valuables option for the following goods:

  • Jewelry, watches, precious stones, semi-precious stones, pearls, solid precious metal objects (gold, silver, vermeil and platinum). When these objects have a unit value greater than 400 € 

  • Musical instruments over 400 €; 

  • Cameras or camcorders when their value exceeds € 400; 

  • Clocks, sculptures, statues, vases, paintings, art drawings, tapestries, carpets, ivory and fine stone objects, old weapons, rare books and furs. When these objects have a unit value greater than € 1,800

  • collections (1) of any kind when their total value is greater than € 1,800 

  • Home Cinema sets over € 1,800; 

Generally all items exceeding the unit value of € 1,800. 

(1) A collection is a collection of objects of the same nature or having the same purpose and whose overall value is generally greater than the total sum of the unit value of each of its components.