We have included the best basic guarantees in our insurance, but since everyone has different needs, we also offer you options. 

To benefit from them, you simply have to go to our online subscription process, in order to be able to add them during the second step. They will be displayed in the middle of the page, after scrolling the page ?

On this page, we present to you all the options that you could choose to include in your guarantees. However, depending on your property and your personal situation (tenant, or non-occupying owner) some of these options will not be available.

Protection against theft

Covers the theft of property and the consequences of an attempted intrusion or vandalism in your home. Highly recommended!

Broken glass

Replacing a window can sometimes be expensive. So you will tell us "that does not happen often", it is because you have never received a soccer ball on your window! With this guarantee, you will have peace of mind in the event of glass breakage.

Replacement of new furniture

For example, following a water leak your sofa is very damaged and unusable? With this option you will be reimbursed at the new price.

Electrical damage

Are your electrical devices damaged following a power surge? With this option, you will be covered.

Wine cellar and goods in freezer

Who would have believed it ? With this option, your grands crus are also protected.

Furnished rental

If you rent out your furnished property, we protect the movable capital up to € 1,500 per room.

Temporary / partial rental

If you rent one of your rooms temporarily or permanently, or if you rent your accommodation for holidays, for example, we cover your civil liability.

Travel packages

Leave with peace of mind ... Protect yourself against damage and theft in vacation rentals around the world.

Damage to swimming pools

A swimming pool with a faulty filtration system is boring. Protect yourself against these dangers which can be costly.

Gardens and outdoor properties

Don't be afraid to find your lounge chair at the neighbor's house after a thunderstorm. Your garden furniture is protected.

Finally, do not hesitate to consult the information documents available directly from the subscription process (in particular the clausier and table of limits), under the summary table of guarantees: