The right to reimbursement of your dental package benefits is subject to a waiting period of one month. 

However, the waiting period does not apply if you were covered by a health insurance plan less than two months before the date of enrolment or if your benefits are related to an accident that occurred after the date of enrolment. 

Dental care reimbursed 

  • If you choose the Essential and Optimal plans, your dental care reimbursed by the Health Insurance is covered up to 100%. 
  • The reimbursement of dental care by the Health Insurance covers consultations with a dental surgeon or a registered stomatologist (70%). 
  • Dental care includes conservative care (scaling, treatment of cavities, devitalisation, etc.) and surgical care (extraction, etc.).

Reimbursed dentures 

  • With the Optimal formula, your dentures reimbursed by the Health Insurance are covered 100%.  

  • Dental prostheses are covered by the Health Insurance at 70% on the basis of conventional rates, often lower than their actual cost. Dental prostheses are free (except for those for which the fees are capped).  

For example, if you regularly have dentures fitted, such as a crown, we advise you to take the Optimal formula. Indeed, with the Optimal formula we will fully reimburse you for the installation of your crown.