When in the processing of a non-payment of rent after the ejectment there is clear proof that malicious damage has been caused to the property, the owner must notify the insurer in order to proceed with its valuation and payment if applicable under the guarantees of the policy.

  1. The insured is informed by email of the order made to the experts’ office; they will then contact the owner to schedule a visit to the property.
  2. Once we receive the experts’ report, we send it to the insured to get their approval.
  3. With its validation, and given this is a complementary guarantee, if we have paid any rent for the non-payment of rent guarantee, we will pay the amount that accounts for the damage to the building and contents, deducting the excess that is applied to these guarantees, after signing the settlement.
  4. We then commission the lawyer to submit a claim for damage to the property, assessing the cost of the damage and the tenant’s solvency: income, address, free legal representation benefit.