The enforcement of a judgement in a process of non-payment of rent is a necessary procedure to be able to recover sums of money to which the tenant(s) have been sentenced, corresponding to rent arrears, other debts linked to the contract or due to damage to the property.


The procedure is transparent to the insured party and begins with the filing of the appropriate enforcement order. This order requests the court to investigate the defendants’ assets and, if necessary, the attachment of wages and/or bank accounts. 

As a result, two situations can arise:


  • Successful, if we manage to get payment for the whole amount owed or a portion of it. The sums that are collected first will go directly to complement the sums not covered by the policy.
  • Unsuccessful, if after the assets investigation there is nothing to act upon and we do not manage to collect any of the sums which he has been judicially sentenced to pay.