The handling of a non-payment of rent with a lawyer who does not belong to the insurance company involves the following steps:


  1. The receipt of the case file is acknowledged. If the required documentation is not already on file, this will be requested:


  • Copy of the lease agreement signed by both parties and copy of the property owner's ID 
  • List of unpaid monthly rents (amounts owed)
  • List of other concepts that the tenant owes and could be claimed in court (IBI [yearly property tax], community expenses, etc.) although it is not the insurer’s responsibility to pay them)
  • Telephone number where we can contact the property owner directly
  • If known, tenant’s contact details (telephone number and email)



  1. Confirmation of appointment on behalf of the lawyer chosen by the insured. The insured must provide proof of the estimate agreed with the professional (order form).
  2. The insurer will not proceed to make any type of advance payment of rents in this case. Once the judgement is final, the insured can request the payment of the amounts recognised in the judgement and covered by the policy. The insured must provide the claim filed and the judgement obtained in the proceedings for them to be examined.
  3. For the payment of the fees of the professionals who have taken part, the invoice and proof of payment must be provided, as well as any other documentation the insurer requests. The insured may choose to have the invoices of the lawyer and/or solicitor paid directly to them.