Lovys offers you a complete range of complementary health products adapted to YOUR needs with an ultra competitive rate whatever your age or place of residence. In addition, we offer you included insurances to cover you on all fronts, even during your internship or abroad... 

Lovys offers you 3 formulas to fit all profiles: it's up to you to find the one that suits you!   

  • The Initial 

You're on a tight budget? The Initial is for you ! 

With the Initiale, you can deal with the unexpected: hospital fees, doctor's visits and pharmacy expenses are reimbursed for less than 10 euros per month. Because being sick or having an accident happens to everyone! 

  • The Essential

 Do you want to preserve your health without ruining yourself? The Essentielle reimburses your annual visits to the dentist, gynaecologist or any other specialist, as well as the radiology or analyses you may perform. Because when it comes to health, prevention is better than cure ... 

  • The Optimal 

Do you want to be able to meet any health expenses, including the unusual?  Do you visit your dentist regularly or do you need a correction? The Optimal is made for you! 

It provides you with a refund on a wide range of health care services, including optical and dental care. Plus some really useful packages: contraception, hygiene protection, etc ... 

The Optimal, THE coverage to cover your health on a daily basis! 

Our advantages : 

- Simple and legible guarantees ! 

- A single rate, regardless of your age or where you live. 

- Coverage is immediate, with no management fees 

- And as for refunds, it's simple, we practice the third party payment, everywhere in France and free of charge. 

Finally, in each guarantee, civil liability and repatriation assistance are included.