At Lovys, you are free to stay with us or leave us, and no one will force you to either! 

You therefore have the possibility to terminate a contract, with immediate effect, when you wish and this free of charge from your customer area. Yes, no hidden button, no registered mail to write then send, no notice!

From your customer area, it's very simple. You will first need to log into your account. Then everything happens on the page of your contract, in the "my insurance" section.


Once on the page dedicated to your contract, you will have to go to the bottom of the page to find the button “Cancel the contract”.

A window will then open to remind you that the termination takes effect immediately after your confirmation. (So do it the day you leave your home or are already insured with a new contract)

When you click on the “Cancel my contract” button, a pop-up will appear to confirm the sending of an email:

You can therefore go to your email box, to read this email in which is the last confirmation button on which you must click to validate your wish once and for all:

If this is your wish, and you click on this button, our platform will automatically terminate your contract. 

To be convinced of this, you can go to your customer area again, in the “my insurance” section where the following message will appear.

? You therefore do not have to give notice. However, any month started is considered due.