You have been insured for several years for your car and want to change to a Lovys insurance ? Very good choice !

You will then undoubtedly need to provide us with your statement(s) of information. This document contains your insurance history and a lot of information about your vehicle.

What is the statement of information?

The information statement is a legal document that will accompany you throughout your life as an insured. It is a paper containing information about you (and any other drivers mentioned in the insurance contract), your vehicle and your current car contract. 

This document covers a variable period of time, from 2 to 5 years: when you buy your Lovys insurance, we will ask you to provide your statement(s) of information covering the last 24 months.

How do you get your statement of information? How soon can you get it?

The statement of information can be provided to you upon request to your current insurer. Simply contact them by phone or in writing to receive the document within 15 days. This document is sometimes available directly on your customer area.