You have just insured a leased vehicle with Lovys, a very good choice But be careful, for the moment you only benefit from a temporary coverage of 15 days.

Here are the necessary documents to validate your insurance  

1. Your registration certificate (or grey card) from the financing organisation

This must include :

  • The name of the financing or leasing company
  • Your first and last name as co-owner of the vehicle
  • The address of your main residence

2. Your Information Statement(s)

  • Your statement of information allows us to collect your insurance history. All of your history as well as your bonus-malus coefficient are included. You must send us all of your information statements to justify your last 24 months of coverage (the last IS must be less than 2 months old). How to obtain your information statement ?

3. Your driving license

  • To create your insurance policy, we need the date of licensing (framed in blue in the image below). Please do not confuse this with the date of issue of the license!

Please note: obtaining certain documents may take some time, so it is important to anticipate the procedures before the expiration of your Lovys temporary coverage (15 days).