Please note : depending on your profile, the documents are different. Please refer to the following pages for a list of additional documents to be downloaded depending on your situation.

I would like to insure my new second-hand vehicle
I would like to insure my new vehicle
I would like to insure my vehicle imported from abroad
I was previously insured for a fleet vehicle
I want to insure a company vehicle
I want to insure a leased vehicle

In general, here are the mandatory documents to send us to validate your subscription:

Your Information Statement(s)

  • You must send us all of your information statements to justify your last 24 months of coverage (the last IS must be less than 2 months old). Your statement of information allows us to collect your insurance history. All of your history as well as your bonus-malus coefficient are included.

Your registration certificate (or "carte grise") 

  • The Certificate of Registration (or "carte grise") must be in the name of one of the persons designated in the contract. It is the document on which appear the model and the brand of your vehicle, its date of registration, its fiscal power... It is the identity card of your vehicle!

Your driver's license

  • To create your insurance policy, we need the date of licensing (framed in blue in the image below). Please do not confuse this with the date of issue of the license! 

Please note: some documents may take a little time to obtain, so anticipate the process before your Lovys temporary coverage expires (15 days).