To benefit from the medical teleconsultation, create your account on the website of our partner Medecindirect.  

Here are the 5 steps to create your account :   

  • Go to the medecindirect website or to the free application MédecinDirect available on iOS and Android. 

  • Fill in the registration form and enter your LOVYS membership number. Your registration will be automatically recognized and free of charge.

  • Then log in with your email address (your login) and the password you chose when you registered. 

  • Fill in the validation code (not to be confused with your password) that you will be asked to enter each time you log in to ensure the total security of your personal data. You can choose to receive it by email or sms. 

  • Once your account is created, validate your identity. This step is mandatory to be able to receive a prescription. 

After having created your account, you will be able to talk with a doctor by simply respecting these 3 steps

  • Log in to your personal MédecinDirect space on the site or via the free mobile application available on iOS and Android. 

  • Make your request for a medical consultation on the MédecinDirect platform in writing. The platform is accessible 24/7. 

  • After explaining the reasons for your consultation request, you choose how you want to be contacted by the doctor : in writing, by phone or by video.  

Access the teleconsultation whenever it suits you. Send photos or videos to the doctor to help him or her better understand your situation. He or she will be able to issue a prescription just like any other doctor. 

Pure flexibility.