You're the only one who can cancel your old health insurance. The Hamon law only works for home, car and loan insurance.

However, here is some information to help you in your process :

  •  If you wish to cancel your other health insurance, you must wait until the expiry date of your contract. According to the Chatel law, your current mutual insurance company must give you 75 days notice beforehand so that you have time to cancel. 

  • You must then send a letter of cancellation to your mutual insurance company by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt at least two months before the anniversary date of your contract. 

You can cancel your health insurance contract outside the anniversary date of your contract in two situations :  

- in the event of a change of situation 

- in the case of private sector employment 

Eligible situations are as follows : 

  • Marriage
  • A divorce 
  • The death of your spouse 
  • Moving house 
  • A change of profession 
  • Retirement 

One of these changes must obligatorily modify your level of risks covered by your mutual health insurance company. 

In order to cancel your mutual health insurance, you must attach a document attesting to the change in your situation. As of the change in your situation, you have three months to make your request for cancellation by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.