The Hamon law gives you the power to cancel your car, motorcycle and home insurance contract on the date of your choice, after one year of the contract. 

To change your coverage, all you have to do is take out a contract directly with a new insurer. The new insurer will take care of the cancellation procedure within a month and will ensure the continuity of your cover between the two contracts. 

For example, you wish to change your insurer and take out a home insurance policy with Lovys. If your current contract was taken out 12 months or more ago, we will take care of the cancellation request (Hamon law) with your current insurer free of charge.  

⚠ It is necessary to select "insured for more than 12 months" on the online course and to fill in after subscription the information concerning your former contract/insurer (former insurer's address, former contract number and subscription date) ⚠

We will send a registered letter to your former insurer requesting the cancellation of your contract. Your Lovys contract will take effect 33 days after the subscription date, thus respecting the legal notice period of one month + postal delay.  

You will finally become part of the Lovys Family ♡.