Whenever you're ready !  

Once you have filled in all the information about the property, you can choose the date on which you wish to be insured according to your situation: 

You are not yet insured for this accommodation: 

  • If you wish to be covered immediately, don't change anything. The contract will take effect on the day of your subscription. 
  • If you want to be covered in a few weeks, simply change the "start date" which you will find on the page where you find your tariff.

For example, you take out a home insurance policy on 03/01/2020. However, you want to be covered from next month for the day you move in, change the date directly to 03/02/2020. 

You are already insured for this dwelling :  

  • We can cancel your old contract with your previous insurer. 
  • To do so, indicate that you are already insured by clicking on "For more than 11 months" (as required by the hamon law) on the Lovys subscription page. 
  • Your cover will take effect 33 days after your subscription (these 33 days allow you to respect the obligatory notice period to be given to your former insurer and 3 days for the mail to be sent).